Sydney’s Millennial Exodus

by Elyse Dwyer

The e61 Institute has published new research on the migration patterns of those leaving Sydney, and how housing costs may play a role.

For the past 20 years, Sydney has lost about 0.5% of its population each year to other parts of Australia. This raises several important questions: who is leaving, where are they going, and what motivates them to move?

This micro note finds that of those people leaving Sydney: 

  • People in their 30s are over represented in those leaving, an age when young families often seek larger accommodations.
  • The Sydney suburbs with the highest growth in housing prices between 2011-2016 had a greater amount of domestic out-migration in 2016-2021.
  • Popular destinations for people leaving are located in regional NSW, particularly Wollongong and Newcastle. Canberra and the Gold Coast are also favourites.