e61 Institute research programs strive to deepen our understanding of how households and firms interact, and how their behaviour is affected by fiscal, monetary, and structural policy. These programs will provide new insights into how policy can promote broad-based economic prosperity in a post-pandemic world.

Our Co-Founders

Greg Kaplan


Andrew Charlton


Greg and Andrew’s belief that credible data-driven economic research can strengthen the policy-making process lay the foundations for the high-impact work the team is producing today.

In May 2022 Andrew was elected as Federal Member of Parramatta for the Labor party. In alignment with e61s commitment to non-partisanship in all aspects of its research, operation and governance, Andrew resigned as a Director of e61 and has ceased all executive involvement with the Institute, its operations or research. Greg remains actively involved with the Institute today.

Our Foundation Partners

The e61 Institute is an independent, non-partisan, and non-profit research organisation. Our research and operational activities are supported by the Susan McKinnon Foundation, the Macquarie Business School, and the Becker Friedman Institute.

Our Data Partners

Senior Academic Fellows

Joshua Gans

University of Toronto

Veronica Guerrieri

University of Chicago

Betsey Stevenson

University of Michigan

Richard Holden

University of NSW

Petr Sedlacek


Julie Moschion

Melbourne Institute

Arlene Wong

Princeton University

John Asker

University of California

Justin Wolfers

University of Michigan

Simon Mongey

University of Chicago

Chris Edmond

University of Melbourne

Roy Green


Chad Syverson

University of Chicago

Warwick McKibbin


Begoña Domínguez

University of Queensland

Peter Siminski