Australian Real-time Consumer Spending

The e61-illion Spendtracker is a real-time indicator of Australian consumer spending published by the e61 Institute. We categorise, weight and aggregate bank transactions data provided by credit bureau illion to construct a weekly series of consumer spending across multiple spending categories.  Previous e61 research has shown this series co-moves closely with official statistics on consumer spending. 

Click the categories below the chart to toggle spending series for that category.

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  • This weekly consumer spending tracker has been developed in collaboration between e61, Accenture and leading credit bureau illion. It is based on customer-consented anonymised bank transaction data from hundreds of thousands of Australian customers each week, used by illion to undertake research, analysis and product development.
  • ​The spend tracker measures average spending for each week, relative to average weekly spending in January 2020. Observations are for week ending Sunday. Data is sample weighted to ensure it is representative of Australian consumers.
  • “Peak stimulus” corresponds to the date of the second superannuation withdrawal scheme starting. At this point the $550 per fortnight Coronavirus supplement was also still in effect.
  • The spend tracker is updated on the third Wednesday of every month and is subject to revisions.