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e61 harnesses the talents of the world’s best economic thinkers, giving them access to unique microeconomic data so they can address the most important Australian policy questions.

Our ambition is that through policy relevant economic insights we will help shape the future of Australia by building prosperity, combatting disadvantage, fostering sustainability, and advancing wellbeing for all Australians.


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Income Support Gaps: Does JobSeeker target those who need it?
by Erin Clarke, Nicole Adams, Gianni La Cava and Matt Nolan
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Misallocated migrants: Immigration and firm productivity in Australia
by Dan Andrews, Erin Clarke, Lachlan Vass and Aaron Wong
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FAULT LINES: An independent review into Australia's response to COVID-19
Peter Shergold AC, Jillian Broadbent AC, Isobel Marshall, Peter Varghese AO
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