e61 harnesses the talents of the world's best economic thinkers to address the most important Australian policy questions






  • Build a community of world-class researchers
  • Create the highest-quality policy evidence
  • Drive impact through public engagement
  • Build the next generation of policy leaders
  • Push the frontier of economic knowledge & analysis


  • Quality and rigour of research
  • Research that has an impact on policy
  • Political neutrality 
  • A focus on the biggest economic issues
  • Courage, no ‘no-go zones’

We support our team to achieve these objectives through….

Learning & development

A learning and development program which includes a variety of internal workshop, skill specific training sessions and policy debates. We also have co-learning sessions with both the RBA & Federal Treasury.

Undergraduate pathways

The Institute provides structured graduate, pre-doctorate and internship programs for talented Australian economics to provide them with opportunity to advance their careers.

Research opportunities

Providing opportunity and a platform for staff to do their own research and explore areas of personal interest is an important part of how we support professional development at the Institute.

Academic fellowship engagement

Our research fellows are actively involved in the Institute through regular consultation sessions, lounge sessions and seminars. This creates ongoing informal and formal learning opportunities for staff and a way to maximise the rigour of our research output.

Postgraduate pathways

We work with our academic partners to develop Australia based post-graduate opportunities, including a post-doctorate internship program. We also have a post-graduate scholarship program for our staff who are ready to progress their career through further education.


We provide a network of support to our staff, through formal mentoring relationships, clear promotional pathways and ongoing opportunity for structured and unstructured feedback.