by Nicole Adams, Dan Andrews, Jo Auer, Elyse Dwyer, Zach Hayward, Greg Kaplan, Gianni La Cava, Alexandra Michielsen and Matt Nolan
28 August 2022
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e61 Institute is a not-for-profit economic research institute.

We combine innovative data with state-of-the-art tools from economics, data science and statistics to answer the most important economic questions facing Australia.

e61 was born from a motivation to bring together problem-solvers from academia, industry and government to push the knowledge frontier so that we can tackle the big problems facing our society.

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The e61 Economic Roundtable

The e61 Institute was pleased to host the Hon Dr Jim Chalmers MP for the e61 Economic Roundtable on Monday, the 20th of February. The Treasurer was part of a group of

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